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Hi everyone,

Thanks to those who have already sent me messages with their kind words and support. Unfortunately, I won't be checking my messages, so it'd be better if you save and share your words with your fellow forumites.

Musicals.Net has finally been freed from the evil web hosting company that stood as a barrier to updates and moderation of the site. I know that there has been some frustration amongst you for various reasons related to the site and its decaying state. Hopefully this will be a first step in the direction of recovery and improvement. My request is that you leave the negative attitudes behind and focus on what has brought us all together - the love of our shows.

That being said, I cannot make promises that the site will be updated as frequently as you or I may like. I will do my best. I tend not to react well to phone calls made to my home or demanding and inconsiderate emails. I appreciate kindness, thoughtfulness, and carefully-executed good intentions. Now that some control over the site has been returned, perhaps there will be less of the former and more of the latter. *fingers crossed*

I hope you all have lots of fun with this new forum. It may be a little overwhelming at first, but not to worry, you'll get the hang of it soon. You'll notice that underneath your username most of you see "Fresh Face". This is part of the new "ranking" system. You can achieve higher ranks according to the number of posts you make. That is all I will reveal - I'll leave it to you to discover the ranks and the system. :wink: Please note that abuse of this ranking system will not be tolerated. If you purposely attempt to boost your ranking falsely, you risk being banned from the forum.

One more note on the ranking system: I will be choosing moderators for the various forums. The moderators must be experienced users of the forums and really know their way around, so they will have to first achieve a certain rank. The rest of the selection criteria is subjective, but know that a moderator will need to be fairly well respected in his or her own community.

Thanks again for your patience in this transition period! There are still many things that need to get done to make the entire site operational again (the entire back end has been rearchitected and rewritten), but naturally the forums were the first thing that needed to be revived.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!



Wed Apr 17, 2002 5:16 pm
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