Which cast album of Gypsy to buy?
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Author:  WickedJonathong [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Which cast album of Gypsy to buy?

Always wanted to get any Gypsy album I could get my hands on. Turns out it's pretty hard finding it in any stores here so I'm gonna order it online. But, I can only afford ONE album. Which one of the albums should I (someone completely new to Gypsy) buy?

Author:  ConverseSneaker [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:08 pm ]
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I personally love the new one with Patti Lupone. Really, it's a matter of personal preference though. I'd go on amazon and give them all a listen and pick your favorite.

Author:  Hans [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Which cast album of Gypsy to buy?

Oooh, tough question.

As with all Sondheim shows, the OBC is kind of obligatory. Besides, this is Merman's greatest role and is iconic in every respect. On the other hand, the recording is not totally complete, and personally I have difficulties warming up to Merman in general anyway.

What's less usual with Sondheim shows, another recording is also obligatory. Lansbury is without trace of doubt one of the greatest performers ever, and her Rose is very, very unique. One needs to lay one hands on as much Lansbury material as possible. On the other hand, while I dislike Merman, I find her approach to the role more in line with my own interpretation than that of Lansbury's.

The third recording of essential qialities, is the recent LuPone one. She is very Mermanesque, and the recording is the most complete of these, even adding cut material that is sensational in their own right.

I also have the Peters recording, and although I love Peters almost as much as Lansbury, I don't think her style suits Rose. It's a nice recording to have, though.

I THINK I would recommend the LuPone one over the others, for the sake of the show if you really, REALLY can afford only one. But I also think that both Merman and Lansbury are obligatory.

Gypsy isn't even among the shows I like the most myself, hehe.

Author:  dolbinau [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:47 pm ]
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Definitely the current LuPone album. Though Salome will probably try and convince you to buy Lansbury's album, IMO it is not well produced - short, low quality with mistakes (e.g. Orchestra in overture), the Orchestra sounds like it's from a cartoon, they've combined this 4 minute version of "Let me entertain you" which is a little strange, and I personally don't like the supporting cast.

If you are actually a fan of Bernadette you might enjoy the 03 album though, I personally give it the most plays. But I can see how it might not be a good place to start.

Author:  WickedJonathong [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:57 pm ]
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Thanks a lot for all the answers! I personally can't stand Patti LuPone. I'm still a bit new to the theatre "world" but from what I've heard/seen of her, she seems pretty arrogant and pretty self-centered, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, I got the 2008 Revival and I loved her "Rose's Turn". Turns out the 2008 Revival was a bit cheaper than I thought. Any idea on anything else to get? I've got mostly Sondheim shows (All ITW productions, Sweeney, A little Night music, SitPwG and I recently got Company which I lovelovelovelove) and newer shows so anything "classic" or must-have recordings I just need to buy?

Author:  Hans [ Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:09 am ]
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WickedJonathong wrote:
I personally can't stand Patti LuPone. [F]rom what I've heard/seen of her, she seems pretty arrogant and pretty self-centered

That's kind of why she suits the role of Rose, hehe...

WickedJonathong wrote:
Any idea on anything else to get?
By Sondheim? or in general?

IMO, all Sondheim OBCRs are essential. They usually have the definitive cast. But that's of course if you are very much into Sondheim, as his works may take some effort to fully enjoy.

My list further include
My fair Lady
Mary Poppins
Kiss Me, Kate

Author:  dolbinau [ Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:39 pm ]
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But if we are talking Cabaret, are you still talking on OBC terms :P?

I much prefer the 98 revival seems a little more accessible too.

Author:  LeocadiaBegbick [ Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:15 pm ]
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The original Broadway recording is the best by far... Ethel Merman and Jack Klugman, you can't go wrong.

The Patti LuPone recording is excellent as well, though I find the original Louise to be better than Laura Benanti.

Author:  Hans [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:00 am ]
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dolbinau wrote:
But if we are talking Cabaret, are you still talking on OBC terms :P?

I much prefer the 98 revival seems a little more accessible too.

I agree. It combines the best songs from the various incarnations.

I don't know if it's necessary to point out, but I naturally think all Sondheim OBCS are obligatory, even the lyrics only shows, like Gypsy, WSS, DIHAW and the Sondheim-heaviest versiona of Candide (one should also have the OBCR of Candide, as it is an endlessly enjoyable show).

Author:  WickedJonathong [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:24 am ]
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I saw the 2003/2004 (Can't remember :S) concert of Candide with Kristin Chenoweth and LuPone and I must say it was HILARIOUS!

I've thought of which album to get and it's leaning towards My Fair Lady or Cabaret. I would've gotten some more Sondheim show, but as Dvarg said, it takes a bit of effort to truly enjoy them. I got the ITW OBCR before I saw the filmed 1991 TV Production and didn't quite get it until I saw it. After I saw it, I can't get enough of it!

And thanks again everyone! Really appreciate it.

Author:  Salome [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:04 am ]
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Anglea Lansbury's Gypsy is by far the greatest. get hers first or you'll be sorry.

Author:  Jman383 [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:45 am ]
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I'm glad you got LuPone's! Hearing anyone else besides Leigh Ann Larkin on June's stuff, esp. "If Momma Was Married" would be awful.

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